Research Program - Overview

cfaed actively encourages and supports its members to initiate new (third party funding) projects. The following list of current projects provides an overview of the many and manifold research fields that cfaed is involved in.


Acronym Project Speaker Begin End Funding Body
OrganoMorph Kontrolle über die Morphologie Organischer Materialien auf der Nanometerskala Prof. Karl Leo 2020/01 2022/12 ESF
ReLearning Selbstlernende und flexible Elektronik durch inhärente Bauelement-Rekonfiguration Prof. Thomas Mikolajick 2020/03 2022/02 ESF
cfaed Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden Prof. Gerhard Fettweis 2012/11 2019/10 DFG
GRAPHD Graphen-Zentrum Dresden Prof. Xinliang Feng 2016/07 2019/12 ESF
CoSiMa Computer-Simulationen für das Materialdesign Prof. Gianaurelio Cuniberti 2015/09 2018/12 ESF
ChemIT ChemIT Prof. Andreas Richter 2012/01 2015/12 ESF
MindNano MindNano Prof. Michael Mertig 2012/01 2015/12 ESF
SREX Secure Remote EXecution Prof. Christof Fetzer 2012/05 2015/12 ESF
IMData IMData Prof. Hermann Härtig 2012/01 2015/12 ESF
Twinlab 3DCSI/ATTO3D-Twinlab Prof. Karlheinz Bock, Prof. Gerhard Fettweis 2012/01 2018/12 ESF
ForLab Forschungslabore Mikroelektronik Deutschland Prof. Thomas Mikolajick 2019/01 2022/11 BMBF
DCST Dresden Center for Semiconductor Technology Prof. Thomas Mikolajick 2019/01 2022/11 BMBF
RTG2767 Supracolloidal Structures: From materials to optical and electronic devices Prof. Andreas Fery 2022/04 2026/09 DFG
SPES3 Black phosphorus in sensitive, selective, and stable sensors Dr. Artur Erbe 2019/10 2023/09 BMBF
IMPRS-CPQM Correlation of Berry phase transport with the topological magnetic textures in Heusler compounds: From the bulk to the thin-film limit Dr. Bernd Rellinghaus; Dr. Chandra Shekter; Dr. Jacob Gayles; Dr. Daniel Wolf 2020/01 2023/12 Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (MPG)
--- DFG Forschungsgroßgeräte Dr. Bernd Rellinghaus 2017/01 2022/12 DFG
SPP 2137 Topological Spin Phenomena in Real-Space for Applications - Subproject: 3D quantification of Skyrmion properties in device-related structures Dr. Axel Lubk, Dr. Bernd Rellinghaus 2018/01 2021/12 DFG
SPP 2137 Topological Spin Phenomena in Real-Space for Applications - Subproject: Magnetotransport at Work: In-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy of Topological Spin Solitons Dr. Bernd Rellinghaus, Dr. Andy Thomas 2021/01 2024/12 DFG
Vortex-EMCD Atomically resolved EMCD on ferrimagnets measured with electron vortex beams Dr. Darius Pohl 2022/01 2025/12 DFG
SECAI School of Excellence in Embedded Composite Artificial Intelligence (SECAI) Prof. Markus Krötzsch 2022/07 2027/12 DAAD
ESiM Energy Storage in Molecules Dr. Francesca Moresco 2022/04 2026/03 European Union
ForLab-NataliE Forschungslabore Mikroelektronik Deutschland - Nachwuchstalente für die integrierte Elektronik Prof. Thomas Mikolajick 2023/08 2026/01 BMBF
SFB 1415 SFB 1415: Chemistry of Synthetic Two-Dimensional Materials Prof. Xinliang Feng 2020/07 2024/06 DFG
MEMO Mechanics with Molecules Dr. Francesca Moresco 2017/10 2022/03 European Union