• 2022

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  • 2020

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Invited Talks


D. Pohl „On the Creation of Coherent Electron Vortex Beams for Atomic Resolution Magnetic Measurements“, 12th Asia Pacific Microscopy Conference (APMC-2020), Hyderabad, India, 03.-07.02.2020.
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Organisation (conferences, symposia, workshops, etc.)


Pohl, Laura Clark, B. McMorran, Organisation of the session “PST.1 – Phase Microscopy” at the European Microscopy Congress 2020 , Copenhagen, Denmark, 23.-28.08.2020


B. Rellinghaus and J. Gayles, organization and realization of the „1st Dresden Skyrmion Meeting“, TU Dresden, Dresden, Germany, 11.10.2019


M. Münzenberg, B. Rellinghaus, Organisation des Topics “Magnonics” auf dem 29. Edgar-Lüscher-Seminar in Klosters, Schweiz, 3.-9.2.2018
D. Pohl, B. McMorran, M. McVartney, S. Schneider, Organisation des Topics “A14 - Quantitative Magnetic Characterization in the TEM” auf der Microscopy&Microanalysis 2018 , Baltimore,USA, 04.-08.08.2018

Public Outreach


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