Secure Remote EXecution

2012/05 to 2015/12


Funding Body: ESF
Scheme: Young Investigator Group
Volume: 1.1 m €


In Germany, cloud-computing is one of the most increasing markets. It is especially interesting for small and medium-sized businesses since it provides cheap alternatives to self-governed IT infrastructures, but the transfer of internal sensitive information to external IT infrastructure suffers from great secrecy risks. The project “Secure Remote EXecution” (SREX) aims to provide reliable and secure executions of applications in external administrated and partially adversary systems. Especially, four main issues are addressed: the execution of applications with new data and control flow coding techniques to recognize changes in data and hardware failures; investigation of the execution environment according to their vulnerability to hardware failures and possibilities of protection schemes to ensure the correct functionality of applications; denying of non legitimate access to sensitive application data; and reliable and secure communication with the environment, other applications, and other users.

Speaker: Prof. Christof Fetzer

Participating Institutions

TU Dresden

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