23 - 28 August 2020, The Bella Center, Copenhagen


Conference Session
Physical Sciences: Tools and Techniques (PST)

Session Chairs:
Darius Pohl, TU Dresden / DCN, Germany
Laura Clark, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
Ben McMorran, University of Oregon, United States

PST.1: Phase Microscopy

Recent technological developments in the re-shaping of imaging waves (whether using apertures in real space or phase plates in reciprocal space) are enabling the latest generations of detectors to be used in powerful new ways. This session will cover new developments in phase-related imaging techniques across electron microscopy, x-ray imaging and allied techniques. Submissions relating to either the introduction of phase shifts in the imaging process (such as in holography and interferometry, or with vortex beams and new probe shapes) or the retrieval of phases from collected data (including ptychography, TIE, Lorentz microscopy and differential phase contrast etc.) are welcome.

Related Conference Theme/s: Phase Sensitive Methods with Photons and Electrons. The Lab in the Microscope - In Situ, In Vivo, In Operando and Multimodal Microscopy

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