Für alle Interessenten am Wandkalender (Aktion aus dem Exzellenz-Newsletter der TUD): Sie können den Kalender persönlich im PR-Büro des cfaed abholen. Dieses befindet sich im Barkhausenbau (Raum I 79), Zugang über Georg-Schumann-Str.11, 01069 Dresden. Abholzeiten: Mo-Do 9-12 + 13:30-16 Uhr.
Bitte beachten Sie, dass alle Gebäude der TU Dresden derzeit nur mit Mund-Nasen-Bedeckung betreten werden dürfen!

Alternativ können Sie Ihr Exemplar per Email an cfaed@tu-dresden.de bestellen, es wird dann per Post zugesandt. 

Calendar promotion

For all those interested in the wall calendar (as promoted in TUD's Excellence Newsletter): You can pick up your piece personally at cfaed's PR office. It is located in the Barkhausen Building (Room I 79), access via Georg-Schumann-Str.11, 01069 Dresden. Pickup times: Mon-Thu 9-12 + 13:30-16 hrs.
Please note that all buildings of the TU Dresden are currently only accessible for persons wearing a face mask!

Alternatively you can order your copy by email to cfaed@tu-dresden.de, it will be delivered via postal service.

From Science To Art!

Thanks a lot again for your wonderful, stunning entries – you made us very happy. Every single picture was great! We had the difficult task of choosing the winners – and now we can finally announce the winners (in alphabetic order):

  • Anna Eichler-Volf
  • Markus Löffler
  • Darius Pohl
  • Felix Talnack

Friedrich Dürrenmatt, famous Swiss author and dramatist once said: "In science, there is the unity, in art the diversity of the mystery we call the world."

And that is indeed true. Science and art seem to be two highly complex, but fascinating counterparts. This contrast creates unimagined new perspectives on both scientific as well as artistic content.That is why we introduced the Scientific Image Contest that became a very successful and enlightening tradition in the past years.


A small selection of pictures from the 2018 volume:

Pictures by: 1 - Arora Himani, 2 - Jana Tittmann-Otto, 3 - Martin Hartmann, 4 - Arora Himani, 5 - Arora Himani, 6 - Yannic Brasse