2012/01 to 2015/12


Funding Body: ESF
Scheme: Young Investigator Group
Volume: 1.4 mio. €


The appearance of graphical accelerators in conventional desktop machines has started the area of heterogeneous computing that has been present in mobile embedded systems and high performance computing for a while now. Heterogeneous computing offloads complex calculations from conventional, fully equipped processing cores to specifically optimized and thus significantly more efficient accelerator cores.

The goal of the young researcher group IMData is to develop intelligent, adaptive and application-aware mechanisms that allow it to offload a broader range of complex applications to accelerator cores. This is done in a complementary, but referring way to the excellence cluster Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden (cfaed).

As a vertically integrating project, IMData reflects the unique company structure in Dresden. The research group is thus optimally suited to introduce the young researches to the local research- and enterprise-networks and to bind them to this region.

Participating Chairs:

Speaker: Prof. Hermann Härtig

Participating Institutions

TU Dresden