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25.09.2023 (Monday) - 29.09.2023 (Friday) , 17:00 - 17:00
TU Dresden/IAP and Leibniz IFW , 01067 Dresden

This September from 25th-29th we organize the DyProSo-2023 conference at Dresden University of Technology.

The conference includes a 4-day program with 10 invited speakers, as well as a day-trip to the HZDR to visit the Free-Electron laser and high magnetic field laboratories there.

The Dynamic Properties of Solids 2023 (DyProSo) is an international biannual research meeting devoted to the research on functional properties of condensed matter that result from elementary excitations, molecular motions, transport processes, and other dynamic phenomena occurring in many body systems. Discussions on experimental evidence and investigations, as well as theoretical models and predictions are of particular relevance at DyProSo-2023.

A special purpose of this DyProSo Symposium is to trigger the scientific dialogue between young and experienced researchers exploring the working in the field of dynamics of materials.

More information at: https://dyproso-2023.com/

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