2nd international NanoCar Race - German team from TU Dresden and IPF

Published on in MORESCO GROUP NEWS

In March 2022, the international "NanoCar Race" will take place for the second time. A science event of a special kind: Eight teams from three continents will compete to 'speed' their self-developed molecular racing cars over a surface of gold for 24 hours. The size of the race cars: a few nanometers, 50 to 200 atoms. The length of the race track: around 200 nanometers. The venue: Toulouse, but strictly speaking, only the drivers sit there, while the 'racetracks' are in eight different remote laboratories around the world - including the only German one at TU Dresden.

The organizers spare no effort to make everything look like a real sports event! There will be a 24-hour live stream, interspersed with reports on the individual teams and the transmission of official statements from politics and science.

The first Nanocar race took place in April 2017 and has been watched live on YouTube by more than 100,000 people worldwide. What all sounds like great fun has, of course, a serious scientific background. Investigations of mobile, specifically controllable molecules is basic research that could one day enable a wide variety of disrupting applications.

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