Well-attended Winter School in Tunis: Design, Programming and Applications of Multi-Processor System on Chip

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The cfaed Chair for Compiler Construction, together with Prof. Chadlia Jerad from ENSI (École Nationale des Sciences de l’Informatique) and ENIT (École Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Tunis) organized a Winter School on “Design, Programming and Applications of Multi-Processor System on Chip”. The Winter School was held in Tunis, Tunisia during the week of the 24th of November and enjoyed a not-so-wintery, sunny atmosphere with over 20 degrees.
The school addressed different topics, from hardware (e.g., customized processors, hardware accelerators, coarse-grained reconfigurable architectures, networks on chip and multicore design), software tools and methodologies (e.g., high-level and behavioral synthesis, compilers and languages for multi-processor systems, electronic system level design and verification). The technical agenda was closed with presentations and discussions around the links between the embedded and high-performance computing communities. The school was sponsored mostly by the DAAD Transformationspartnerschaft program, which allowed to put together a high-end group of lecturers like Prof. Nagel (TU Dresden), Prof. Teich (University Erlangen-Nuremberg), Prof. Leupers (RWTH Aachen), Prof. Chattopadhyay (NTU Singapore) and Prof. Bertozzi (University of Ferrara) among others. The school was well attended with over 30 participants from different backgrounds and career stages (master students, Tunisian and German PhD students and local professors).
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