The World at cfaed... our calendar for 2015 has arrived from printing!

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title cfaed calendar 2015

As in the year before, we produced a glossy cfaed calendar for the following year. We extended the dimension to bold 46x46 centimeters, once again featuring the splendid photography style of Jürgen Lösel.
The topic of our 2015 calendar is "The World at cfaed".

So far, about 80 PhD students started their studies at the Cluster, and many of them come from all over the world. Also, some research group leaders and professors were born abroad. cfaed represents tomorrow’s global research community in a nutshell. With the calendar portraying international researchers we would like to show the fascinating and enriching opportunities of bringing together people with different cultural backgrounds. They meet and combine their skills and by doing this they contribute to outstanding results in pioneering sciences.
The calendar is now available at the PR office*. It's free to be ordered or picked up for all cfaed members as well as cooperating partners and network people. It will also be given away at the general assembly on 15 December. And here you can get the calender as PDF file in advance.

*Please note: we're moving to Würzburger Straße 46 on 27 November 2014!

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