cfaed Lecture: Alumnus Talk - Dr Tim Erdmann (IBM Research): ChemChat | LLM-Powered Conversational Assistant for Material Science and Data Visualization

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portrait photo of dr Tim Erdmann in front of a "IBM Materials" sign
Dr Tim Erdmann. Photo: private

Please join us welcoming Dr Tim Erdmann, one of the first generation cfaed alumni, now working with IBM Research in San Jose! He will talk about ChemChat.

In recent years, advancements in computational chemistry and machine learning have produced sophisticated tools and AI models, but their potential is underutilized due to complexity and accessibility barriers for experimental scientists. Large-language models like GPT have limited effectiveness in chemistry because they lack domain-specific knowledge and accurate referencing. To address this, ChemChat, a web application powered by non-GPT/OpenAI LLMs, integrates cheminformatics tools and AI models to assist chemists in various tasks such as molecule investigation, retrosynthesis, data visualization, and literature research. The presentation will showcase ChemChat's capabilities, its architecture, and workflow compared to similar applications.

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Monday, 01.07.2024, 15:00 - 16:30, TU Dresden, Barkhausen Building

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