Archive: cfaed Distinguished Lecture Series

Prof. Zhenan Bao

Department of Chemical Engineering, Stanford University, USA

Skin-Inspired Organic Electronic Materials and Devices

Prof. Subhasish Mitra

Department of Electrical Engineering and Department of Computer Science Stanford University

Transforming Nanodevices into Nanosystems: The N3XT 1,000X

Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Sir Konstantin S. Novoselov FRS

University of Manchester, UK

Materials in the Flatland

Prof. Roland Wiesendanger

University of Hamburg

Nanoscale Magnetic Knots - A New Twist for Spintronics

Prof. Michael Grätzel

EPF Lausanne, CH

Nanocrystalline junctions and mesoscopic solar cells

Prof. Sumio Iijima

Meijo University, Japan

Structural characterization of nanomaterials: carbon, layered materials and clay minerals

Sir Christopher Snowden

University of Surrey, UK

The Electronic Adventure - Engineering a Better Future

Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Serge Haroche

Collège de France

Particle Control in a Quantum World

Prof. D.H. Riesner

Heinrich-Heine-Universität, Düsseldorf

Viroids and Prions