Felix Suchert and part of the EVEREST Team at FCCM’24

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Felix Suchert represented the CC Chair at the 32nd International Symposium for Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines, held from 5. to 8. May in Orlando, Florida. Together with Stephanie Soldavini from Politecnico di Milano, he presented their joint work on "Etna: MLIR-Based System-Level Design and Optimization for Transparent Application Execution on CPU-FPGA Nodes". It details a programming framework that allows a more easy and efficient integration of offloaded compute kernels into a dataflow-driven application. The work was presented both as poster and as a demo during demo night. Both presentations attracted lots of interested researchers and industry representatives and yielded productive and fruitful talks. Etna is part of a larger effort to ease the development of heterogeneous applications, which is driven by the EVEREST project. As such, it was also presented in this context in more detail during the EVEREST tutorial on day one of the conference, together with Prof. Christian Pilato from Politecnico di Milano. Felix also presented the efforts at CCC to expand the MLIR ecosystem as part of this tutorial session.

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