CC Chair at the DATE'24

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The CC Chair attended the Design, Automation, and Test in Europe Conference (DATE'24) in Valencia, Spain from March 25-27, 2024. Prof. Castrillon delivered a talk on "Automatic optimization for heterogeneous in-memory computing" in the Focus Session "Smoothing Disruption Across The Stack: Tales Of Memory, Heterogeneity, And Compilers", where he presented the latest results of our work on compilers for emerging near and in-memory computing. This is the result of the fruit of collaborations with experts in emerging memory technologies and system architecture, including X. Sharon Hu and Mehdi Tahoori, among others. João Paulo de Lima presented the paper titled "Full-Stack Optimization for CAM-Only DNN Inference", a novel hardware/software co-optimization for ternary-weight neural networks. In this paper, we introduce an in-memory architecture based on racetrack memory and a compilation flow that capitalizes on redundant additions/subtractions to improve convolution performance. Apart from this, Prof. Castrillon participated in the multi-partner project session where the latest results of the EVEREST project were presented (see paper for details).

Valencia was absolutely fantastic for enabling lively and fruitful discussions with the DATE community!

Jeronimo at DATE'24 Joao at DATE'24

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